Introduced Topics

24.11.2020Contributed articles to ‘ED Place’ (A bulletin published by the environmental
design department of Japanese Society for the Science of Design)
– Investigation into how Copenhagen has designed safe and comfortable bicycle lanes
26.11.2020Introduced this blog in ‘Presentation Library’ of Color Business Network Association (an
organization and group specializing in colour with the aim of improving the state of colourist)
2020 COLOR SALON LIBRALY – cbncolorsalonpresen ページ! (
01.09.2021Contributed articles to ‘signs’ (A professional journal about signage, published by Federation of Japan Out-door Advertising Associations) – Outdoor advertisement for a global company that considers locality
(This comes from the article named ‘Investigation into how outdoor advertisements and public infrastructure can improve the locality using colors’)
定期刊行物・書籍等のご紹介 – e-SIGNS 日本屋外広告業団体連合会 (